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Tax Drz.com exceeds the customary definition of a tax preparation firm. In fact, we cannot be placed in that proverbial box. What we are is a company dedicated to be purposeful partners in your financial success. Whether your value is $100 or $100,000 we speak your language – success, prosperity, wealth accumulation, management and retention. Tax Drz.com recognizes that our role in your life is larger than taxes; it’s about creating economic strength.
What is your tax plan for the year? Have you begun to think about what type of financial legacy you are preparing for your family? When is the last time you assessed the movement of your investments? Are you investing? Glad we got your attention and glad we can be of service to you in answering each of these questions and more. Make your appointment with Tax Drz.com today and allow us to increase your financial literacy, talk about building a financial legacy, help you plan the most comfortable and enjoyable retirement and evaluate your return on investments.
Tax Drz.com wants to know you. We want to be a part of your dream, no matter what it is: take a trip around the world, leave a nest egg for your children; bequeath funds to educational or religious institutions; buy the home your grandparents owned in your home town. We can dream together and then put solid planning and strategies in place to make your dreams come true. Tax Drz.com evaluates your savings initiatives, your spending, and your investing. Tax Drz.com believes we all have economic power and it is our responsibility to help you capitalize on it and use it for your future.
“Taxdrz.com has handled my financial affairs for the past 10 years as I have relocated from Miami to Atlanta and now in Orlando. The “virtual” customer service and attention to the details of my finances made the experience just as if we were meeting face-to-face. I find the knowledge and experience of the staff proven to be second to none.”
Roy Hawkins, Jr, Assistant Orlando VA Medical Center Director
“We have been TaxDrz clients for years and have had excellent support, quick response to questions and good ideas from everyone we’ve worked with. We recently recommended TaxDrz to a business partner with which we work, and would exclusively recommend them again.”
Richard Dent
“Just a note to say I’ve received great service from your team.Ryan has unbelievable patience and great knowledge about how to get things done. John, has great follow-up skills, and I appreciate all the work he did . Nicole is also very persistent, like John, and she is really the one who got me moving to get this done. “
Tracy Sims