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President and CEO: John Gay

Throughout John Gay’s year of grade school he realized his love for math. As his high school year was nearing the end he was advised by his high school counselor to explore careers geared toward mathematics’. Mr. Gay then entered Howard University and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and went on to receive his Master’s degree in Taxation and a certification in financial planning from the University of Miami. While Mr. Gay was in college he played basketball and trained, this helped him develop a sense of discipline that allowed him to become the successful business man that he is today. With the discipline that is required and was developed Mr. Gay decided to become an entrepreneur, which led to him opening The Tax Doctor, LLC. In serving the community Mr. Gay has held accounting positions with New Birth optimist Club and the Universal Truth Center. He also served on the Advisory board of the Miami Jobs Corp Center. Mr. Gay has also held leadership roles as a member of various directors’ boards including: AM 1490 WMBM Radio and The National Association of America. Throughout Mr. Gay’s interaction with his clients and community agencies he realized that there was a critical need for financial management and planning and opened JFG Financial in 1999, which was partnered with a group of professionals to launch South Florida Non-Profit Organization, a grant management and non-profit start-up company. Mr. Gay has accomplished so much, and plans to continue to serve his community. Mr. Gay’s goal is to help individuals and businesses to reach their full financial potential.

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