Your Encounter

Encountering is really about taking action towards developing your financial game plan and defining your financial legacy. This firm believes that your income tax return is a snapshot and a pivotal piece of your financial puzzle. Representatives examine each piece: your current situation, your future plans, overlooked resources, personal and/or business growth and your financial history. The examination reveals an individual and customized strategy for success.

Encountering also means that you have the opportunity to take advantage of an array of professional tax, accounting and financial planning services – in each of its offices. Services include: personal income tax preparation, corporate income tax preparation, bookkeeping, business development and financial planning. representatives are Certified QuickBooks trainers, and collectively have more than a century of hands on experience. A caveat in partnering with is our doors do not close at the end of the traditional tax season. Our staff is available year round to assist you and to continually sharpen the skills that produce powerful results for you.

Expansion continues to be the vision for Expanding services to match clients’ needs; expanding offices to meet clients where they live and work; expanding training for the utmost professional responses and production. Yet, in expanding, a key component is evident – each office has the same high caliber experience, ultra trained and experienced staff, and professional and thoughtful customer service. makes this assurance, every office is launched with someone who has been a part of our team for at least two to five years. It is important that the successful programs that led to our growth continue to meet customers where ever they meet us.

Not Convinced Yet?

Here is our approach to business – we reach out to everyone – regardless of status, income or vision. We believe we have a phenomenal service that focuses on what we are absolutely good at: taxes and finances. There is no other tax firm that is going stand with you and walk the path to financial victory like We are experts and we are practitioners and consumers of what we offer our clients.

Examining your financial needs means positioning ourselves to compete with HR Block, Jackson Hewitt and other national chains. We are the professional friend that you can create your will and trust with, explore insurance options, examine whether your stock options are adding to or depleting your financial standing. Choosing to get your taxes done by your cousin or best friend is a choice you can make – but why when your taxes can be an integral part of triumph in your personal economics. wants to know you. We want to be a part of your dream, no matter what it is: take a trip around the world, leave a nest egg for your children; bequeath funds to educational or religious institutions; buy the home your grandparents owned in your home town. We can dream together and then put solid planning and strategies in place to make your dreams come true. evaluates your savings initiatives, your spending, and your investing. believes we all have economic power and it is our responsibility to help you capitalize on it and use it for your future.