Business Formation

Business Formation

You absolutely should start a business! Tax is a prime example of how vision and tenacity can turn a business idea into an expanding and evolving operation. Before you start that business let’s talk about your daily life and obligations, your current financial situation, your goals and your vision for the future. With that information in hand, we can not only help you decide which business structure is best for you: non-profit, S Corporation, LLC or another type; but we can develop a plan of operation to help you launch smoothly. Once you’ve launched, we’re right here to help you take a look down the road and plan for expansion, or to sell the business with a nice profit margin. If you want to launch a cookie business, Tax says GO FOR IT! Just be sure you know whether you’re designed to be a boutique cookie shop or one that will compete with Mrs. Fields. The vision and goal goes into formulating your business.

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