IRS Resolution

IRS Resolution

It is a dreaded correspondence – a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS says you owe thousands, what you do in this situation can adversely affect your position. Before you do anything, call Tax We cannot guarantee that we will be able to resolve every case that comes across the desk, but we are proud to say we have positively and effectively resolved 90 to 95 percent of the IRS challenges that we’ve undertaken. Our task it to mediate, on your behalf, and work out a plan that is comfortable and feasible. One of the worst things you can do is to try to handle an IRS challenge yourself, or simply choose to just pay the requested amount and get it over with. Pause, breathe, calm down and come sit with us; allow Tax to provide a complimentary consultation. All year long we study tax laws, we take the time and effort to get the training that allows us to be proficient in times of challenge. So before you give up, bring in that dreaded letter, let’s examine what happened in the processes and let’s try to resolve this matter without you losing the shirt off your back.

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